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2014 Race Photos

As we will no longer be selling photos here, we do recommend you visit the link below for future event photographs... Apex Race Photography... Happy racing!

2013 Cyclocross Provincial Championships

Photos from the Cyclocross Provincial Championships at Albion Hills are now uploaded and indexed and ready for your perusal. Please be sure to let us know what the name of the rider is that you are purchasing an event download for as there were some duplicate plate numbers for this race. For those of you who are new to Racedayrush an event download includes all photos of the rider that appear when you input the plate number where prompted. Thank you again for your support and for another great racing season.

2013 Single Track Challenge

Photos are now uploaded and indexed for the 2013 Single Track Challenge at Hardwood Ski and Bike. To find all the photos we captured of you just type in your plate number where prompted and your photos will appear. All of these photos are included in the event download purchase option. Thanks again for everyone's support this year and we will see you out on the trails.

2013 Fall Epic 8 Hour @ Hardwood

Photos are uploaded and indexed for the Fall Epic 8 Hour event at Hardwood Ski & Bike. The event download purchase includes all photos that appear under your plate number, so you can have photos of your whole team or if you rode solo, lots and lots of pics of you doing something you love :) Thanks again to everyone for their support.

2013 Tour De King

Photos are up and indexed from the 2013 Tour De King. Regular Racedayrush photographer Ted Anderton was unavailable so a very special thanks goes out to Frank Di Perna and his Sister Teresa Paolino as well as Ethan Shaw for their photographic contributions. Did I mention that Ethan is 12 years old :) Nice work guys!!!

2013 O-Cup #7 @ Horseshoe

Photos from O-Cup #7 at Horseshoe Ski Resort are now uploaded and indexed. Sounding a bit like a broken record when I say what a great course ;) To find all the photos we got of you just type in your plate number where prompted and they will all appear along with any atmosphere shots that will be included if you purchase the event download. Thanks again everyone.

2013 O-Cup #6 @ Duntroon Highlands Nordic

O-Cup #6 is in the books and the photos are indexed and ready for your perusal. Just type your plate number in where prompted to see the photos we got of you at Highlands Nordic in Duntroon.

2013 Summer Epic 8 Hour

Click here to see the photos from the Summer Epic 8 Hour at Hardwood Ski & Bike.

2013 24hr Summer Solstice

Finally the photos from the 24Hr Summer Solstice race are all up and indexed. We are very sorry for the delay but some problems and quantity of photos conspired against us. However, they are now ready for your perusal. Just type in your plate number to view all the photos of you and your team. As always the event download is the best value as you will receive all of the photos shown as well as the photos under the quick link "event". Enjoy, and thanks for your support!!!

2013 O-Cup #3 Sir Sams

Yet another great race put on by Superfly racing. Sir Sam's is a unique and beautiful venue in the heart of cottage country with stunning views and a great and challenging course. We got some great shots, have a look.

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